Tuesday, September 30, 2014

If it's steel & powder-coated white... I want it!

I confess, I have a thing for Ikea's steel, powder-coated offerings... like these beauties here: 


1 - Ikea PS Cabinet, 2 - Kajuta Table Lamp, 3 - Gunnern Mirror Cabinet & 4 - Ikea PS Coffee Table

I own all of the above and I love them because...
  1. Strong - They're made of powder-coated steel, which is durable stuff! 
  2. Recyclable - I'll keep these forever, but if I ever have to get rid of them, they can be recycled.
  3. Easy assembly - They're not as tricky to put together as some of their wood/particle-board counterparts.
  4. Value for money - I think they're great value and priced just right.
  5. White - I love white furniture in my home, as they don't take up much visual space.
  6. Awesome design - Last, but not least, I love the classic, simple and elegant lines.
I hope they come up with more steel stuff in the future, because you can be sure that I'll keep an eye out for them! I also wish they'd introduce more PS cabinets, or at least bring back some of the options they used to have! PS lockers please!

PS: I've been coveting the Josef cabinet and the Raskog trolley for quite some time, but I don't have space for them right now.

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