Thursday, January 8, 2015

My vintage pyrex collection

Warm greetings everyone! I've started off 2015 with a brand new hobby (I say "hobby," when what I really mean is "obsession"), and it's vintage pyrex. I'm not sure how it all came about, but it happened quite suddenly. The story goes, my mum gave me some of her pyrex and they've been collecting dust in my kitchen for the longest time. 

Then, late last year, I spring cleaned my kitchen and saw just how gorgeous they were... and I was hooked. Pinterest has certainly had a hand in exacerbating my pyrex passion! Fast forward a few months, and now I have a pyrex display in my living room and acquired a few pieces of my own :) Here's my humble collection as it is now...

My pyrex collection

I didn't want to spend too much for a display cabinet, so I used an old Billy bookshelf that I already had. All I did was buy it a door. I opted for a half-glass door because I think it'll be safer for when Arif becomes a toddler. This means I'll have to display my pyrex on a rotational basis, much like a museum does. I'm hoping that by limiting my collection to this tall and slim cabinet, I won't have pyrex overflowing all over my small apartment! We'll see!

Let's have a closer look at what's in the cabinet, shall we?

My pyrex collection

My mum gave me the Spring Blossom casserole on the bottom, and my sister-in-law got me the small Sunflower soup bowl on top from the UK. Sadly, vintage pyrex is not so easy to find in Malaysia, and they're expensive. It's not like in the UK or US, where you can find pyrex cheaply at thrift stores and garage sales. Here, you have to pay through your nose for vintage pyrex :(

My pyrex collection

The Daisy cinderella mixing bowl on top is the first pyrex piece I got for myself. I bought it online from a local antiques dealer. I love it so much! I hope I can get my hands on more bright and happy patterns like this in the future! The Friendship refridgerator dish below is part of a set of four. My mum got this set from her colleagues when she was 26 years old. She gave birth to me at 28, so these pyrex fridgies are 40 years old and they came into my mum's life before I did!  

My pyrex collection

The red and yellow refridgerator containers on the left are part of the Friendship collection and belong with the covered dish in the picture above. On the right are some Autumn Glory bowls that my mum gave me. The "rust red" small casserole dish below them was a recent flea market find. I'm encouraged by the fact that I can actually find some pyrex at flea markets and online, but they're not those really pretty ones that you see on Pinterest. I suppose those only exist in large quantities in the US.

My pyrex collection

I also bought these dishes at the flea market. On the left is a Chelsea oval plate and on the right is a Matchmaker side plate. I'm thinking about displaying these (and other pyrex plates I might get) on my wall someday.

Why do I love pyrex? Well, I think it's because they're so pretty and I have a weakness for vintage things :) If I get more pyrex, I'll be sure to update my finds here. Happy collecting and have a blessed new year everyone!

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