Sunday, February 3, 2008

Limar: a forgotten heritage? @ Essenze magazine

My husband's eagle eye spotted the latest Essenze magazine in the newsstand today. I'm over the moon because my article's title is appearing on the cover of a magazine for the very first time! This means it's the cover story! Inside, my article "Limar: A forgotten heritage?" recalls kain limar's illustrious history and cultural significance. Kain limar is my favourite textile and its also the research subject of my MA thesis, so I just had to write this!

Essenze magazine Vol 09-2007-08

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Anonymous said...

Nice post. Thanks for giving an insight about limar. Many of the art forms are under the threat of being forgotten. We can stop it by encouraging art and organizing events and exhibitions to give the people a platform to show their works. I like exhibitions displaying Decorative Arts.

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