Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mystery package from A4trip

The guys at A4trip sent me a gift! How sweet of them! It's a little soft toy - a strange cross between a carrot and a bunny. But, before it got to my house, the toy went on an adventure. The package wouldn't fit into my mailbox, so the postman knocked on my door. My dear mum who's wary of strangers didn't want to answer the door, so it got sent back to the Kelana Jaya post office. I booked a cab and went to pick it up the next day. I went to at least three different counters, before I was sent into the bowels of the post office, where thousands of letters seemed to await their fate. There, a postal officer rummaged through some steel drawers before he found my package, which was quite 'safely' hidden. Glad to report the toy's now safe in its new home. My son Amir (pictured below) named his new friend "Kashi".


Anonymous said...

They both have great smile for sure! :D

Pin said...

Little Amir is cute. We are featuring him at our Blog :)

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