Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Enter sandman

Why 'Enter sandman'? Well, because I was stuck for a title and I'm listening to Metallica... Anyway...

Some people say that personal websites and blogs are all about blatant self promotion, and I say to that "So what if they are?". In the end, it's about wanting your own space and making your mark in the world, even if it's just a virtual one. Everyone should be entitled to it.

This blog usually serves as a reminder to myself of the work that I've done. It propels me forward, reminding me of my small contribution to the world. Writers (freelancers like me included) need motivation like everyone else. Sometimes we run out of ideas. Sometimes we run out of steam. Sometimes we doubt ourselves or what we've written.

We feel bad when we get negative feedback from editors or clients or friends. We get caught up in the great struggle that is life. We have our failings. Sometimes our writing isn't as good as we hoped it'd be.

But, I suppose, it's our appreciation of joy, pain, gain and loss that makes life worth living. Otherwise, we'd be empty shells. Writers write, painters paint, sculptors sculpt and builders build because we feel emotions. We put our feelings, desires, anger and even hatred into action. It's what makes us human. What can I do? I keep on writing.

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