Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Born to blog & Fitness for two in the last Mother & Baby Malaysia :(

It's with a great sense of loss and sadness that I bid farewell to Mother & Baby magazine Malaysia. You may have read in one of my earlier posts that they're closing down due to the economic downturn. I've had the pleasure of writing for them since April 2008. Nearly a year has passed, but it went by virtually unnoticed by yours truly, because writing about motherhood has been such a blast. Thankfully, I still have Venus as a channel for me to reach out to other women/mothers.

I present to you, my last two articles for Mother and Baby (sob...sob...). The first is entitled 'Born to Blog', which addresses the online phenomena of blogs for kids. The second is called 'Fitness for two', an article on the 'fantabulous' fitness studio in Bangsar called Fit For 2. It's based on my interview with owner Debbra Lee. Goodbye M&B, I'll miss writing for you so very much!!!

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