Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Muffin Vs Cupcake analogy @ Venusbuzz.com

I really appreciate it when people take the trouble to write in to say that they liked what I wrote. It's uplifting to get positive feedback from people :) Recently, I wrote an article for VenusBuzz called "Muffin Vs Cupcake", which talks about the two different kinds of "woman" according to... well, me!

Ida, owner of Muffin Monster on the Block, left me a really nice message underneath my article. She said:

"Hi Adline, I like your entry muffin vs cupcake. Actually, I'm an owner of e-bakery selling muffins & cupcakes. Your description about those 2 products really catch my interest to extract your post into my blog www.muffinsmonster.wordpress.com. I'll put your name as the writer k. Do link me if you like. Thx..."

Auw! Thanks so much Ida! All the best with your muffin and cupcake biz, and thanks for featuring my article on your blog ;)

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