Saturday, March 27, 2010

An hour of blissful darkness

  Amir basking in the glow of my jam jar lanterns.

It's now 10.54pm in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. My family and I have just celebrated Earth Hour 2010 :) At first, I was at a lost as to what to do in the next 60 minutes, but then I lit some candles in my jam jar lanterns and spent time with my son while my husband took a nap.

Amir and I exchanged stories and even staged a mini puppet show with his soft toys about why we had to turn the lights off. As he continued playing, I closed my eyes for a little, and took in the quiet all around us. I realised that I haven't just turned off the lights, but it seemed I had turned off my mind too. I needed it. 

My mum was very supportive of Earth Hour, and seemed genuinely appalled that some of our neighbours didn't join in. Alas, the hour of bliss came and went, and at 9.30, we turned a light back on. My husband continued sleeping and I made myself a quick vegetable stir-fry dinner. Amir loved Earth Hour. So did I.

How did you spend your Earth Hour?

1 comment:

Merryn said...

I celebrated my Earth Hour by... watching Ethan sleeping.. then counting the seconds before I can go online again :D

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