Thursday, April 29, 2010

A reason to smile!

Today was a day filled with waking up before the break of dawn, bathing with as little water as possible, reaching the office before the sun rose, a military air base, uniformed people, long car rides, eating in strange places, irksome emails, even more irksome lawyers, loan officers and project management teams, sleepy heads, looming deadlines, dark skies, traffic jams, chicken pox and pizzas. I kid you not.

But on a brighter note...

Here's my name in the list of UiTM post graduate students who are graduating in the 72nd convocation ceremony this semester! Yay! *Patting myself on the back*

Also, my day has been made so much brighter by truly WONDERFUL EDITORS and CLIENTS (my saviours), hurray for you guys!


Kev said...

Hey Adline

CONGRATS!! That's certainly great news & great achievement (by research mode!!). Glad you've made it despite the challenges as a mom, wife, employee and writer :)


Adline Writes said...

Thank you Kev! The compliments mean so much to me as they come from you!

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