Saturday, June 5, 2010

Keyword assigment

A few weeks ago, a client of a client hired me for a rather strange assignment. It involved writing articles of around 400 words on keywords such as 'dream concert' and 'bed.'  I requested information on what would happen to the articles, but then a few weeks later my husband found them online on rather drab-looking websites. Check out...

My article on Princess Beds:

My articles on dream concerts by Queen, U2 and Glee.

To be honest, I'm rather disappointed that my articles have been relegated to these uninspiring websites, and that the client of my client didn't feel the need to clue me in on where the articles would end up, how they'd be used or if the websites would be improved in the future. As with anything involving creativity or a bit of brain power, I put in considerable effort into these articles, so it would have been nice if they acknowledged that in some way.

I feel it's very important for website content writers to know where their articles will go, since once they're online, they'll be there for posterity. So if you're planning to take up content writing for websites, do consider where your articles will end up. As they say, "The Internet never forgets!" The thing you'll have to accept, however, is that we writers usually have little or no control over how our articles are used once they've been 'sold.'

Still, I think of this assignment as a wonderful new challenge for me, and I did have fun writing these articles. I wrote several more articles for them, actually, under different pseudonyms. I may have no say over where the articles are being used, as it's theirs now, but the beautiful thing about writing is that there are bound to be more words coming out of my head, so it's not like I've run out!

Oh, in case you're wondering about the tagline "All you reads for better concert experience" on the Dream Concert website, please rest assured that I had nothing to do with that! I wrote to my client explaining why his client should fix that; hopefully they will.

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