Friday, August 6, 2010

Family Time @ Taman Paramount Park, PJ

It's been a very busy and rather stressful few weeks for us at work, and this was followed by my body deciding that it'd go all weak and surrender to food poisoning and dehydration...

So, after being cooped up in the bedroom for hours on end, my husband decided to take Amir and I out to Taman Paramount Park for some fresh air. The park is a five-minute drive away from our home.

Here's Amir and daddy moments after we arrived... they headed straight for the lake!

Amir and daddy strolling around the lake.

The park's quite nice and green.

Amir playing with chimes at the playground.

A dragonfly perched on a flowering plant. Can you see it?

A pretty bougainvillea bush.

Amir prodding a leaf with a stick!

Amir and daddy 'working out.'

Amir climbing to greater heights!

Amir and daddy on a suspended bridge at the playground.

Amir and daddy at the swings.

In all we spent about 40 minutes at the park. It was good to stretch the legs and be close to nature. As a mum, however, I couldn't help but be worried about Amir getting too close to the water, the cleanliness of the park, insects, the condition of the playground, strangers, power lines etc etc... but then it's really good for Amir to play outside, so I had to 'let go' a bit. I just wish the park was better cared for.

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