Friday, September 24, 2010

Copy editing for Brag About Bags

If you love handbags and leather goods, then you've got to check out KL-based Brag About Bags, which is run by handbag connoisseur Nonie. Some time ago, I helped copyedit their 'home' and 'order and shipping' pages. Basically, all the information was already there, but I just added some spice! Check it out:

 The home page.

The order and shipping page.

Nonie was pleased with the results and wrote an email to me saying, “Thank you for your beautiful words for Brag About Bags. You certainly have made shopping online an enjoyable experience! Keep on writing, your words are an inspiration.” Thanks Nonie!

1 comment:

danish said...

Nice Work you have done at this project ...

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