Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kleenex Vintage Tissues review

Tissues are something we use virtually every day, so we tend to take them for granted. As long as there's something within reach to clean up the mess or wipe our noses with, we're fine... or are we? I'm starting to think that we should really put a bit more thought into buying tissues, because as we all know, not all tissues are created equal. Plus, in these trying economic times, isn't it best to get value for our hard-earned money? 

What would you consider when buying a box of tissues for your home, car or office? The price? The quality? Well, it's not every day that you'll find a review on a box of tissues, so let me give you my honest opinion on this one.

I put this box of Kleenex tissues through five 'tests' and here's what I found:

Test 1 - The look

These days, a box of tissues isn't just, well, a box of tissues anymore. It can be a decorative piece too. Heck, it can even make a "statement".. yeah, I said it! If you care enough about your home to match a box of tissues with your home decor, it speaks volumes about your attention to detail, doesn't it? I have to say that I like the look of this box of Kleenex Vintage. It's got a beige background with silhouettes of a girl, a cat and some shrubs in brown. It's pretty and feminine, which may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it suits me just fine.

Test 2 - The pull

I don't know about you, but I hate it when tissues refuse to come out of their boxes. I'm happy to report, however, that you won't face problems with this box of Kleenex. You can pull out two pieces of tissues in a split second with no problems. There's no tugging or tearing. That's a good thing :)

Test 3 - The ply

Kleenex Vintage tissues are two-plied, and they come apart quite easily to give you more surface area. Oh, did I mention that they're really nice and soft? They really are! It should come as no surprise, really, as they're made of 100% pure virgin fibre for extra softness. These make great facial tissues for removing make up or wiping mouths and noses.

Test 4 - The strength

Sure it's soft, but is it strong? Kleenex says their latest range of tissues is new and improved, so to put it to the test, I poured some water on a piece and rubbed it vigorously in my hands... and...

Voila! It didn't tear or crumble. I hate tissues that crumble, they make an even bigger mess than the one they're supposed to clean up, so hurray for Kleenex's innovative technology :)

Test 5 - The wipe

I'm a mum, so most of the tissues I buy for home is used by my 7-year old son. He happens to be having a cold at the moment, so this box of Kleenex has certainly come in handy. It's important to me that Kleenex tissues are hypoallergenic, which means they're suitable for sensitive skin. You might like to keep that in mind the next time you buy tissues :)


I must say that I'm pretty impressed with Kleneex's new range of tissues. I've bought cheap brands before, thinking that it'll help me save some money, but in the end they don't do such a great job. From now on, when I buy tissues, I'll know better than to go just for price.  

To be honest, I try not to use tissues around the home too much, because they're disposable. In the interest of helping to save trees, I do favour reusable handkerchiefs and towels. In the interest of hygiene, however, I just can't avoid using tissues. I can't possibly ask my son to keep reusing the handkerchief he's just blown his nose in, can I? Gross, I know.

So there it is, we all need tissues, so why not afford yourself a tiny luxury by getting good ones that are soft, strong and won't cause you allergies? My vote is on Kleenex :)

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