Monday, April 23, 2012

Dainty decanters - My hobby

One glance at the images below and you've guessed it! My hobby is collecting miniature perfume bottles :) I started collecting six months ago, so I'm still new at this, but I've already amassed quite a few bottles. One of the good things about this hobby is that it doesn't take much space and the wonderful fragrance helps me to relax :)

I just love the way they glisten in the light! The Signorina and Flora bottles aren't mine, a friend ordered them from me (yes, I'm a small-time mini perfume seller too!).

These are some of my favourite bottles :)

Jean Paul Gaultier
And how can I not love Jean Paul Gaultier? So beautiful even in miniature.

Dainty decanters
Luxury in teeny tiny bottles!

In case you're wondering, these perfumes are priced at about RM30 and above each. I only buy one or two a month, so it's not so bad. I get mine online via Perfume Berry, their prices are better than perfume shops.

PS: I'll be writing an article on mini perfume collecting for I.M. magazine soon, stay tuned!

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