Saturday, July 28, 2012

Compost Diary Part 4

Hi everyone! After my successful first attempt at kitchen waste composting, I thought I'd share my second experience with you too, just to prove that it can be done very easily. Without further delay, here's two-weeks worth of kitchen & gardening waste that I've been fermenting with BioSense's effective microorganism-enriched biocatalyst :) 

This time, my fermented kitchen waste smelled quite a bit, maybe because I had chucked in a lot of onions. If you're doing your composting indoors like me, when the time comes to transfer your fermented waste into your burying bin, take it outdoors or a well-ventilated area. Your family & housemates will thank you for it!

First, I line my burying bin with a layer of soil and then put on a layer of fermented waste. 

Then, I cover the fermented waste with soil and repeat the process until all the fermented waste is buried and the bin is full. 

See now full my burying bin looks now?

I then put my burying bin out of the way. I usually store it on the bottom left side of my kitchen shelf. The pictures above were taken on 14 July 2012.

Fast forward two weeks to 28 July 2012 and...

The icky fermented waste is gone! As you can see, the volume of soil in the bin has also reduced. If I can do it, so can you! All you need is a kitchen composting kit, some biocatalyst and a bit of effort :) Happy composting everybody!

UPDATE 21.9.2012 - If you're going to attempt container composting like me, please be sure to cover your bin securely so no bugs can get in. In my third try at composting, some bugs got in and let's just say my mum got a very nasty surprise!

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