Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My First Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh Scented Experience

Hi  everyone! Let's take a pause and look at this bathroom for a minute... 

Ooohhh... ahhhhhh..... Isn't it amazing? So fresh and tranquil! For me, it really is the epitome of a PERFECT bathroom. When I save up enough money for a bathroom renovation, this picture is going to be my source of inspiration :) I've always wanted a nice bathroom, because it can be my very own retreat, right in my own home. A refuge at the end of a hard day, it's where I can kick back, relax and wash away not just dirt and grime, but my troubles too! 

Recently, I discovered something that can add a special touch to any bathroom - Ultra Soft Fresh by Kleenex. Believe it or not, it's the first and only scented bath tissues on the market today! When I heard about these scented toilet tissues, my first thought was, "Why didn't anyone think of this before?" Thankfully, Kleenex has! 

When I was sent samples of Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh recently, I was very intrigued. What can I say, I like things that smell nice! But, as always, I must take a very close look at a product and put it to the test, before I can recommend it to anyone. So here it goes!

1. The fragrance
Once I took a whiff of my first roll of Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh, I immediately detected a lovely fragrance. The tissues are infused with a unique natural extract, so in enclosed spaces like bathrooms, it can help lend a soft, refreshing scent. Right now, this corner of my living room, where I'm examining these tissues, is smelling pretty nice! I don't find the scent overpowering or off-putting, so I'd say they've struck a perfect balance on the scent scale.

2. Looks 
While examining a roll of Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh, I realised something. We should really pay more attention to what toilet tissues look like. As I discovered, the little details can make all the difference. As you can see below, Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh is embossed with a subtle flower design. In my opinion, it's very pretty to look at and adds that little bit of luxury. 

3. Texture 
This tissue is very soft to the touch, which isn't really all that surprising, since all Kleenex tissues are made of 100% virgin pulp. Heck, it's so soft, I'd wipe a baby's bottom with it.   

4. Gentle 
Since it's made of virgin pulp, you can use Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh as a facial tissue too and it's suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Admit it, we can all appreciate the feel of soft toilet paper! 

5. Easy to use 
I really like that it's super easy to start a new roll of Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh. I mean, have you ever tried to start a roll going in the bathroom, only to be rewarded with shredded tissues all over your floor? Just take a look at the photo above, the tissue comes apart very easily with a gentle pull. No shreds!

6. Strong 
Although it has a soft texture and is gentle on the skin, Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh is strong, even when wet. This is due to its 3-ply formulation. Did I say 3-ply? I sure did! Check it out, here's the proof:

See? Three ply! This means the tissues don't tear easily, except along the serrated lines, where you want it to pull apart. Softness and strength - definitely a good combo. No one likes to use toilet tissues that are rough on the skin and are so inferior in quality, they fall apart between your fingers!

7. No wastage 
Another great thing I found about Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh is how every little bit of it comes off of the cardboard tube. This means you can use every last piece of the tissue with no wastage! I'm sure not many toilet rolls can make the same claim.

Just look at that! I'm astonished that not even the smallest bit of tissue is left behind on the roll. For me, the small details really count!

7. Bigger and better
Here's a visual comparison between Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh (right) and the average toilet roll (left). As you can see, the Ultra Soft Fresh tissue roll is wider and much thicker. So why settle for less?

8. Good value 
If you think that all these extras will make Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh too pricey for your purse, think again! It's available at all hypermarkets for...

Only RM17.95 for a 10-roll pack - Just RM1.79 a roll! 

and RM33.10 for a 20-roll pack - Just RM1.65 a roll! 

Yup, it's affordable luxury and value for money! All in all, I think Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh is a great buy. If you ask me, there's no doubt that  Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh makes a great addition to any bathroom. Your family will love it and I know you want to give them the best. It would also be a nice touch to have these in the guest bathroom, so that if you have family and friends coming or staying over, they would feel more welcomed in your home. You know what? I think luxury hotels and spas should start using these in their bathrooms too. I'm sure that guests would approve! 

So, in conclusion, if you've got a nice, posh bathroom, don't go skimping on low-grade toilet paper. It cheapens the experience! On the flip side, if you're like me and hoping to spruce up your current bathroom, get a head start by introducing lovely new tissues like Kleenex Ultra Soft Fresh! Let's start small, but dream big! While we're on the subject of bathroom improvement, do check out the Kleenex Refresh Your Bathroom contest. Your dream of getting that nice bathroom might just come true! Just go to the Kleenex Facebook page at: to find out more about it. See you there!

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