Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is your face sun-protected?

It's a nice, sunny day, the perfect time to head out! Before you do though, ask yourself, "Is my face sun-protected?" You may think it is, but think again! 

Clear skies over my apartment, so pretty I had to snap a photo!

You could be religiously applying mineral makeup and lathering on organic skincare products in order to give your skin the best care possible, but you may be forgetting something very important – sun protection! Did you know that UVA rays can penetrate the skin and cause premature aging, while UVB can burn and darken your complexion? In the long run, they can both break down your skin’s structure, leaving it dull and non-elastic. In addition, deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, uneven pigmentation and age spots are all caused by UV damage. A scary thought, but good to know!

A perfect, sunny day by the beach!

Most of us think that we only need sun block if we’re headed to the beach, but in truth, we can get UV damage even while working, driving or running errands! This is because UV rays can travel through glass and be reflected off surfaces like windows, water and sand. An effective way to protect your skin from UV damage is by using sunblock, but of course, not all sunblocks are created equal!

Banana Boat, a universally-trusted brand in sun protection, has just introduced its brand new Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50. Its formula is lightweight, so you can use it everyday, but it also offers better, longer-lasting protection. How? Well, for one, it’s formulated with photo-stable AvoTriplex® technology and is enriched with the botanical extracts of tamarind, cotton and stevia. 

The great thing about Banana Boat’s AvoTriplex® Technology is that it combines:
Avobenzone, a powerful absorber of UVA rays which cause long-term skin damage,
UVB absorbers to protect against the burning effects of the sun and 
A photo-stabilising agent to maintain longer-lasting sun protection without breaking down so easily.

Chilling by the pool? Make sure you have sun protection!

Needless to say, Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 is also hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, so you need not worry even if you have sensitive or delicate skin. This means, it’s also safe for children to use! I’ll definitely be packing some Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 the next time my family plans a trip outdoors! After all, it’s Sun-Tested and Sun-Proven® to protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun. So, besides your daily skincare routine, do consider the long-term benefits of getting the right sort of sun protection. Man or woman, young or old, we all need it!

In case you’re wondering, Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 is available at all chain pharmacies, retail stores and hypermarkets in Malaysia for RM32.90 per 60ml unit. 

Meanwhile... the family's off to soak up some sun at the nearby park... Gonna get our Banana Boat on!

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