Saturday, March 30, 2013

Snail & marimo love

My giant marimo in the background :)

Since the last time I blogged about my aquarium, I've gotten a giant marimo ball and two more Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS) from Penang e-aquarium. Also, all my apple snails are now in heaven. So... now my ramshorns and MTS have loads of space for themselves.

My ramshorns exploring their crib

A few days ago,  I started to notice that my ramshorms' shells were turning white. I read that this meant they were lacking calcium and that my water was too soft (acidic). To alleviate the problem, I added corals that I had collected from a beach and I'm changing the water twice a week, instead of just once a week. 

See the sand underneath the gravel? By day my MTS get to hide out in the sand and the ramshorns can glide over the gravel with no trouble.

I think it's working! I also experimented with sand as substrate, but I quickly discovered that it wasn't a good idea because the sand was too fine and the ramshorns got trapped in it. Now I've put gravel over the sand base and it's working well :)

PS: The guys at Penang e-Aquarium also gave me a small stalk of hydrilla. The snails don't seem to eat the water plant and it seems to be thriving. I'll definitely get more of this easy care aquatic plant :)


Susan Lee said...

The giant marimo looks great! Is it fluffy? I am a bit worry of buying Marimo from online shop, but the Marimo sold in the high-end shopping mall is too expensive! I heard the marimo itself is not really expensive but the packaging fee makes them really costly. And the red snails in your tank looks amazing, never see snails with red coloration before!

Adline Writes said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :) Yes, the giant marimo is very fluffy! Marimos at aquarium shops and malls are definitely over priced! I'd say don't worry about buying from Penang E-Aquarium. I've bought from them a couple of times and they're always so helpful. They also have malaysian trumpet snails and ramshorns (the red ones in my aquarium). Hope this info helps :)

Susan Lee said...

Thanks for your information, will surely buy some marimo from them!

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