Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review: The OSIM USqueeze Fit Foot Massager

Who doesn't love a foot massage, right? Everyone loves one! That's why I bought my husband a foot massager for our 10th anniversary last month. My hubby is a hardworking guy, who's on his feet practically all day. His legs and feet are always hurting at the end of the day, and driving home along the Federal Highway, with its unpredictable traffic jams,  doesn't help his condition much.

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So when I saw that the OSIM Malaysia website was having a sale on foot massagers, I quickly jumped at the chance to buy him one. OSIM currently has two models of foot massagers, the USqueeze Fit and the UPhoria. The latter costs more than the former, but we've tried it out at shopping malls before and it does feel good, in a painful kind of way that is!

Still, it was beyond my budget of around RM1,000, so I opted for the USqueeze Fit instead. During the promotional period, it sold for just RM999.00 at the OSIM webstore (FYI, they have an additional delivery charge of RM30). I placed my order online and paid via Maybank transfer. Strangely, I got an email from OSIM that said my payment didn't go through, although the money had been deducted from my account, so I quickly called them up to clarify. Thankfully, their customer service person said all was in order and that my payment got through.

A few days after that, they delivered the massager to my home! It was good timing too, because my hubby's feet were really hurting that day! We've been using the USqueeze Fit for 2 months now, so I think it's a good time for a review! Here's what I think of the OSIM USqueeze Fit: 

The massage - The USqueeze Fit mainly massages your foot, ankles and lower calves.You can adjust the tightness of the squeezing elements, and there are 3 settings for the massage and vibrate functions. Overall, I'd say the massage it gives is pretty good. I like to move my foot around, so that the rollers can get to the hard-to-reach spots on my feet. Sometimes, I wish that the massage was more vigorous, but then again, maybe a gentle massage is more beneficial for circulation. My husband and I, plus my 60+ year old mum and my 9 year-old son use the massager from time to time, even when our feet don't hurt.    

The operation - The machine is easy enough to operate, as there aren't many buttons or levers. To make your legs feel more comfortable, you're meant to rock the massager backwards and position it at an angle. It may take some practice for you to find your "sweet spot". I'd say the operation is deceivingly low tech, although I'm sure all the stuff that works on the inside isn't low tech at all. But don't take my word for it, I'm no engineer! 

The noise and vibration - Okay, here's a minor downside to the foot massager - it's pretty noisy. It makes a whirring mechanical sound, which is quite noticable in a quiet space. My husband was a little alarmed by it initially, but I assured him it was normal. The vibration function of the massager is also quiet strong. If you sat on the floor next to the massager while it was running, you could feel the floor vibrate. We live in an apartment, so I was worried that our downstairs neighbour might be disturbed by the vibrations coming from our floor. So far, no complaints, but I'm still cautious.

The size - The massager is big, but it isn't huge. I live in a small space, so it does take up a bit of room in our living area, but I've found a good spot for it next to our sofa. I tuck it away there when it's not in use. It's also not that heavy that I can't carry it around by myself.

Value for money - All in all, I'm happy with the USqueeze Fit and I think it's good value for money, especially for the price I paid. If we were to go to the reflexologist, each visit might cost us RM40 per person, for a 30-minute massage. This way, we don't have to drive all the way to the mall to get our foot massage, nor do we have to put up with ridiculous banter! Sometimes reflexologists press too hard anyway and you end up in a bit more pain than when you first came in!

My hubby enjoying a foot massage :)


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