Friday, July 26, 2013

Awesome testimonial from John Christian :)

Allow me to introduce you to John Christian. He's the author of two soul-searching books (with another in the works), and he's also one of my clients (and now friend). I asked him to pen me a testimonial some time ago, and he sent me this wonderfully touching piece... 

John at the launch of his first book Bring Me a Higher Life at MPH.

"I am writing this testimonial for my editor, sanity checker and now, I would like to think, my friend. Why did I write this testimonial? Let’s think, did she pay me? Am I scared of Adline? No. The answer is, I am honoured to say that she’s my editor... She has the ability to read, explore and offer advice without destroying the author’s opinions, views, and in my case, craziness and spots of silliness.  

I’m pleased to say that we have now worked on two books, “Table for two, sex not included,” and my latest piece of dribble that I think is QUITE GOOD... My only regret is that I met her after publishing my first book “Bring me a higher life”... I think it would have been a much easier journey if she was with me during that period, as that was my first book and as a author.

I would say I want an editor who doesn’t limit herself to checking grammar and structure, or worse not checking grammar and structure, or picking up mistakes after being told. Authors and writers want a person that goes beyond reading their words, they want them to become entwined and one with the author’s mind and thoughts, then challenge the author to explain parts that may not connect or even disconnect from the theme of the book. 

If they do this, as Adline does, the finished product would be an enjoyable journey for all who want to indulge and lose themselves within the words of another... So I, John Robert Christian, would recommend Adline to any person, publisher and even the WORLD... Life is Good, so smile and enjoy it!"

Thank you so much John! You always know how to bring a happy tear to my eye and put a smile on my face!

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