Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: More room features @ The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya

In my earlier blog post on our first stay at The Everly Putrajaya, I focused on the main features of the room we stayed in. However, since I had the opportunity to stay there again during the festive season, I thought I'd show you a bit more of our room and the hotel environs. 

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (3)
Let's start with the coffee/tea making facilities. Note the drawer that hides a sejadah!

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (6)
They've prepared Aik Cheong coffee and Boh tea - kudos to the hotel for offering Malaysian brands :)

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (9)
See the arrow in the corner of the ceiling? That's the direction of the Kiblat. Of course, most Malaysian hotels have this feature, but it's still awesome.

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (4)
Here's their mini fridge. It's pretty roomy on the inside, no? Of course, we had to stroll on over to Alamanda, which is just a minute away on foot, and fill it up with our fave beverages!

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (2)
Staying a while? Hate clutter? Don't fret, there's lots of storage room in the room, plus there's a safe for all your valuables.

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (5)
Check it out. There's even more storage underneath the luggage bench.

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (14)
Being a curator, I pay quite a bit of attention to the art displayed in hotel rooms and lobbies. I'd even go as far as saying that what hangs on the wall of a hotel room can actually make or break the room! Well, thankfully, I couldn't  get enough of the artwork that hung in my room at The Everly.

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (15)
Another lovely piece over the headboard. I love the bold lines, blocks of subtle colour, the serene subject matter, and just the graphic quality of it. Kudos to the artist! I wish I had thought of making something like this when I was an art student! I majored in print-making by the way. This would have been an awesome silk screen project!

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (13)
At present, the rooms at the Everly Hotel, Putrajaya comes with free Wi-Fi. I hope they'll keep it free. I think ALL hotel rooms should come with free Wi-Fi access in this day and age anyway. Don't you think?Here, my son's using the Wi-Fi to watch his favourite YouTube videos. I also made good use of it and bought movie tickets via my GSC phone app. We watched Pacific Rim at Alamanda the next day. 

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (8)
I don't know about you, but the TV is usually the focal point for my family. We discovered two movie channels during our recent stay, which may be a new feature, or we just didn't notice it before, during our first stay. In case you don't feel like watching what's on TV, you could always plug in your own entertainment. Just hook up your external hard drive to the TV's USB port, like we did here.

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (16)
While the closet comes with a good number of hangers, I found these hooks in the bathroom to be quite handy. Most hotel rooms I've stayed in don't have quite as many hooks. Hey, you never know when they'll come in useful.

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (18)
There's even one in the shower stall peeps!

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (17)
And, if you need more space to hang your stuff, there's a towel rack and a retractable clothesline right above the toilet. 

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (7)
Oh, let's not forget, this gentle reminder to reuse your towels :)

Okay, I think I've covered most of the details of the room now. I'd like to show you just a few more things that I noted around the hotel... 

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (10)
For example, I spied special rooms for disabled persons. I inquired at the front desk, and confirmed that these rooms came with bathrooms with wheelchair access. The braille features will be implemented soon.

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (19)
After treating my family to dinner at Fuze restaurant, I showed them the swimming pool, which looks awesome all lit up at night. I also brought my mum, brother and sis-in-law to our room, and they were very impressed by it :)

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (1)
Here's my water baby in his element. I love this picture of Amir. He's already asking when we can stay at the Everly - AGAIN!

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (11)
Since we're still in the festive mood (kid of), check out the hotel's festive decor for Hari Raya. Lemang anyone?

The Everly Hotel,Putrajaya (12)
Amir being his funny self, checking out the "pelita" and pretending to poke the "flame." A few  years ago, he had burned his finger on a sparkler during Hari Raya :P

Thanks for checking out this post guys, and don't forget to read my review of the Everly Hotel's Fuze Restaurant!


Anonymous said...

ni bilik ape? superior ke deluxe ke jr suite or etc?

Adline Writes said...

kalau tak silap saya ini bilik deluxe. tapi masa check in tu tak ditanya pula nak bilik jenis apa. Saya cuma minta bilik standard je.

Al said...

Lift dia pakai access card tu ke?

Adline Writes said...

Ye guna access card ;)

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