Monday, November 4, 2013

Typical family outing

We had a typical family outing on Saturday. Went to 1 Utama, got some breakfast, caught a movie, did some grocery shopping... 

We love McDonald's breakfasts. We don't have it often, but come to think of it, we usually have it right before we watch a movie!

I've been craving for cold desserts lately... and let me just say that I'm happy McDonald's doesn't skimp on the topping anymore these days. Perhaps they've standardised it? Well, whatever it is, way to go there McD!

My husband got us tickets to watch Thor: The Dark World. It was good, we had fun :)

After the movie, we did a bit of window shopping, but then I got peckish... I noticed this shop selling churros, called Molten Lava.

I got some churros for the family, because my hubby and son have never tried these before. 

Then we headed over to Nando's for lunch. I have their peri-vilege card, which I love. Lots of good offers for members.


Refillable ice lemon tea... hurray!

Ok, then we went grocery shopping... phew!

Saturday is no plastic bag day in Selangor, and we left our reusable shopping bags in the car.  But it's no big deal, we managed.  

Still, if you're looking for a nice-looking and sturdy bag to carry some of your shopping, not groceries obviously, but smaller items, check out the totes and backpacks at Zalora Malaysia the online shopping site. I think those would make a great alternative to non-woven bags! 

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