Friday, December 27, 2013

Look out 2014! Here I come! A year of new beginnings & courage

Hi everyone, I hope you've all been well and that your holidays were filled with joy and peace. I'm really happy to share with all of you some awesome news - we are expecting! For me, this baby truly is a miracle and this experience fills me with much hope and courage for the future. This is especially since 2014 is going to be a very different year for us, here's why...

Big brother excited by adline✿makes
Big brother excited, a photo by adline✿makes on Flickr.

A few months ago, I decided to leave my job as a curator, in order to be more available to my family, particularly my mother and my 9-year old son. It was certainly not an easy decision to make, as I forged that career for 12 long years. However, it was something I knew in my heart and gut that I had to do, and so I resigned. To help pay the bills and loans, I would work from home as a freelance writer, editor and translator, a side career that I had been developing for over 8 years on the side. 

Part of me still wondered if I should leave my stable job and financial worries really got me down sometimes. I prayed and prayed to God for a sign that resigning was the right thing to do and that working from home was the path that I should follow. Soon after, I discovered that I had become pregnant! You could say that I couldn't have asked for a better sign.

We were always happy with having just one child, but at the same time, we had secretly wished for another. Still, after years of waiting, it just didn't happen, so we thought it wasn't meant to be. Perhaps it's just coincidence that I resigned and became pregnant soon after. Whatever it is, I know it's God's miracle and divine plan.

I am going into 2014 pregnant at 37 and "unemployed." It's a whole new world for me, both scary and exciting. Still, the things that have happened these past few months have taught me that it's all in God's hands and I must have faith in Him. As such, I am happy and hopeful for 2014 :)  

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