Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Gift of Wellbeing - The AIG Injury Guard

My Mum, My Hero
Like many mothers and daughters, my mum and I don't always see eye to eye. But I will say this. My mum has nerves of steel. She is the strongest, most courageous person I've ever known. She raised my brother and I single-handedly and she worked very hard to put us through university. I recall that when I was little and whenever I fell ill, mum would take excellent care of me and nurse me back to health. Even when I was away in college, and she could not be there for me physically, she would slip RM5 bills into her letters to me with instructions to go get myself some ice cream, just to make me feel better.   

I never really had a role model ever in my life because my parents were probably the only people I would look up to. Idk, this is how I am..My mum has always been my hero, looking out for me in one way or another. But, I realise now that she's not as invincible as I once believed her to be. Last year, I took the decision to leave my long-forged career in order to be more available to my family, particularly my mum. Mum is simply not as strong as she was before and she deserves my attention and care. After all, she has taken care of me my entire life, and she cared for my son for years, while I pursued my career and Master's Degree. The time had come for me to see to her needs.  

Although I sought to be there for my mum, it turns out she will never stop being there for me. When I was hospitalised for a month some time ago due to a pregnancy complication, she helped take care of my son and my home. She also cooked delicious food so that I could eat well during my hospital stay. How can I ever fully repay her for all that she has done for me and my family? I don't think I can, but I will certainly try. 

This is so true, life is so short and we need to spend as much time with our parents as possible. I love my parents♥♥♥♥♥♥
I'm sure many grown up children out there feel the way that I do - We can never fully repay our parents for all their generosity and sacrifices. Not everyone is able to leave their jobs to care for their parents as I have, but here's one way to show your parents how much you care...

The AIG Injury Guard 
As children, our parents provided and cared for our every need. Now that they are entering their golden years, it’s our turn to care for them in every way possible. Although we can’t be with them all the time, there are many ways to show our love and care for them. One way to show your love is to give them the gift of wellbeing via the AIG Injury Guard - which can give you peace of mind and help ensure they are looked after, thanks to its comprehensive protection plan of up to RM500,000 worth of coverage for personal accidents which elderly individuals are most at risk for, including burns, fractures and dislocation, as well as hospitalisation.

Injury Guard can be purchased by phone or online with a debit or credit card (from as low as 93 sen a day!), without the need for long queues, tedious forms and medical check-ups, and is effective immediately upon purchase. It is also possible to nominate other immediate family members for this coverage. You can apply for Injury Guard if you are between 18 and 75 years of age and you'll be covered up to the age of 85. Plus, there even more benefits!

If you'd like to learn more about The AIG Injury Guard, just check out this video:


You can also view the video above in Bahasa and Mandarin here.

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