Saturday, May 30, 2015

Satisfying my craving @ Laksa Johor Heritage

I love online shopping for its sheer variety and convenience. But now that I'm a work from home mum, I depend on it even more. I've purchased all kinds of things online, from bullion to cloth diapers, but most recently, I ordered myself some delicious laksa Johor! 

Laksa Johor from Laksa Johor Heritage

The laksa packets you see above are by Laksa Johor Heritage. If you're interested placing an order, do get in touch with them to find out if they deliver to your area. The minimum order is five packets with a delivery charge of RM10 for a total of RM45. 

Laksa Johor from Laksa Johor Heritage

I shared my laksa order on my FB page and a few people told me that they had been thinking about ordering it, but were unsure of the quality. So since I've given it a try, I'll review it here for everyone's benefit. So here goes:

Portion: The packet might look small, but when you place the contents into a bowl and pour the gravy on top, it makes for a good-sized portion for one (trust me, I'm a big eater!)

Texture: The gravy is thick, which is the way it should be, as I was told you're meant to use your hand to eat laksa Johor, like you would eat a plate of rice. I'm more used to a more watery version, which my mum used to make, but this is ok for me too. 

Taste: I've had some laksa Johor that are quite frankly awful and way too expensive for its quality. And of course, to me, my mum's laksa Johor is the best in the universe. However, I am pleased to report that I was happy with the taste of Laksa Johor Heritage's offerings. 

Freshness: The gravy, spaghetti and veges were fresh, which is crucial, as you need that crunch from the veges as you're enjoying your laksa. All I can think about is someone slaving in the kitchen at wee hours just to get this laksa into my bowl. 

Reheating: I kept a packet of laksa in the fridge overnight to enjoy it the day after. I microwaved it for lunch and it tasted just fine. Here's a tip on microwaving though. Take the packet out of the fridge and pour the spaghetti and veges into a bowl. Let them sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, microwave the gravy on high. Never microwave the spaghetti and vegetables as they'll wilt. Lastly, pour the hot gravy onto your spaghetti and veges and you're all set! 

I look forward to my next order, I just love laksa Johor! I hope to learn how to make it from my mum soon :) Hope you guys liked this review, thanks for visiting!

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