Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Amir's bersunat experience

My eldest, Amir, is 11 years old and turning into a young man. So this school holidays, we decided that he should go for bersunat (circumcision). In the past years, he was terrified of the idea. He once made me promise he would never have to go through with it, Plus, he has always had an issue with clinics, doctors and such. But this year, after much discussion with him, he was ready.

9 Dec 2016 - Amir berkhatan
Amir and daddy walking to the clinic.

We  live in PJ, and didn't know of a clinic nearby that could do the procedure. So I asked around and someone suggested that I take him to Klinik Rosli in Shah Alam. My husband is familiar with the clinic, as he grew up in the area. And so, my hubby booked at appointment at the clinic and last week (9 Dec 2015), we took Amir to have his circumcision. Here's what happened...

Amir didn't seem nervous at all leading up to the circumcision. He was very calm and collected in the waiting room too.This was certainly encouraging, at least we got him through the door! There were a number of boys already in the clinic, waiting for their turn. We saw the boys ahead of us go in and out. They were all very calm.

Amir outside the clinic before going in.

Amir chilling with daddy in the waiting room.

Amir's calmness was pretty much the calm before the storm. LOL. Things changed rapidly once he walked into the doctor's room. He saw the instruments on the table (which included a big needle) and he started freaking out. We managed to get him on the bed, but the supine position made him feel vulnerable. 

When he's scared, Amir just won't stop talking. It's his coping mechanism I suppose. He tried to talk his way out of it. He talked and talked, trying to gain control of the situation. It was hard for me to keep him calm, as he was talking over me. When the doctor injected his privates, he screamed... loudly.. and endlessly. I think this made the boys in the waiting room get even more nervous.

As scared and loud as Amir was, I'm proud of him because he did his best to stay still. He asked us to tell him when they would make the cut. Knowing this would only make him freak out more, we lied to him and said the doctor hadn't even started yet. The doctor told him he was just 'cleaning' the area.

My smart little guy said, "I hope you're lying to me and that they actually have started!" LOL. Amir grabbed my left hand and used it to cover his eyes, while he held on tightly to the right one. The whole thing must have taken about 15 to 20 minutes, but it seemed quite endless,. Then it was over. 

Amir after the procedure, a little worse for wear.

"Ha? It's over?" Amir said, when we told him it was all done. He got up, put on his kain pelikat and said, "Goodbye  childhood!" LOL. When he got in the car, he threw up :P Poor boy. Later, I asked my husband if I did ok in the doctor's room. He said I did great, because he wouldn't have known what to say to Amir when he was freaking out. 

Right after we got home, we left Amir with his grandmother and we headed out again to get Amir his "rewards." Two Nerf guns (one was a crossbow and the other a Star Wars storm trooper one) and a pirate Lego set. We have never spent that much on toys in one go! Oh well! A promise is a promise!

A few days after the procedure, I noticed some whitish-yellowish stuff around his wounds, and when I tried to clean it off gently, Amir screamed. I figured it must have been an infection, so daddy took him back to the clinic.

Fortunately, the doctor said, this whitish-yellowish film (which looks like puss!) is very normal and a part of recovery. It's been a week since his procedure, and Amir has started to wear trousers again today. He's doing just fine :) Alhamdulillah! I now have an anak bujang (bachelor).

Now if I can only get him to the dentist!

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