Friday, July 15, 2016

Ordering Food Online @ Shogun2u


I've been a little saddened by the fact that I can't order Japanese food via Food Panda, because most restaurants don't cover my area in SS1, PJ. So I was over the moon to learn that Shogun2u does deliver to Kg Tunku! Plus, they have an amazing variety of food - Japanese, Korean, Thai, Western and local dishes! 

So I told myself, after Raya, I HAD to give them a try. And today I made my first order, so I am excited to give you guys a review when the food arrives! I ordered five meals. Two for lunch for Amir and I, and three for dinner for Rezad, Amir and I. But because of their raya promo till the end of July and the RM10 credit that I got for downloading the Shogun2u app, I only paid RM49 for five meals to be delivered to my doorstep! So happy and grateful. Alhamdulillah :)

Check out what I ordered!


Yes, I ordered quite a lot of food. Haha. But this is for lunch AND dinner. That's right, mama's not cooking tonight! More info after the jump :)


Amir is having Tori Katsu for lunch :) He says it was delicious!

I had the vege bibimbap, which was very tasty and filling. It had carrots, mushrooms, corn, onions and seaweed. I wish it had some greens though. But maybe they can't put greens in as they don't stay fresh for long?

I am having the unagi set for dinner.

This chicken teriyaki is for Amir's dinner.

And Rezad asked for the Japanese chicken briyani percik. Not sure what makes this Japanese, but we will find out tonight!

Oh, our meals came with two drinks. They're part of the Best Buy menu. The vege bibimbap and Unagi set with drinks was just RM22! 

Our friendly delivery man :) Thank you dik!

So what's my verdict? The food is fresh, tastes good and is fairly priced, plus the delivery was on time, so I'm happy :)  Now I don't HAVE to rely on fast food or pizza deliveries when I can't cook.

Also guys, before I ordered the food, I looked online for Halal info on Shogun. I discovered that Shogun does not have Halal certification from JAKIM, but they do use only Halal ingredients and they have several Muslim chefs/cooks working for them. That's good enough for me :) Here are other reviews on Shogun2u by fellow Muslim bloggers for your ease of reference: 

PS: During the online ordering process, I made a little mistake by keying in the wrong phone number. But Shogun2u is so organised! They emailed me to confirm my order, when they tried to call my number, but couldn't get through. Now that's good customer service! Good job guys! They also have an online chat feature on their website, in case you have any queries.

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