Wednesday, February 14, 2018

New additions to KAMI Playgroup!

Check out this cheerful and colourful corner!

It's only been about three months since we launched KAMI Playgroup, but slowly and surely, we're growing better with each passing week. When we held our 8th KAMI Playgroup session at Masjid Kg Tunku on 27 Jan, we were especially excited, thanks to some new additions. Firstly, we welcomed four new families into our group, and secondly, we now have ten gym balls ready for action! This week, we welcomed 8 children, 10 parents and 3 volunteers in total. Everyone came ready to play :)

We started our session as usual with Salam, doa and zikir during circle time.

Next, we did a warm-up music and movement activity with action songs.

After our warm up session, we did two activities for indoor play. First, we used our new gym balls to do calming and alerting exercises. Can I just say how much I love these gym balls and the colour they add to our space? Awesome! I also introduced the parents a to a simple brain gym massage, which helps to increase blood flow to the brain and improve focus. You can learn more about brain gym exercises here.

A rainbow of gym balls! A fun addition to our playgroup sessions. 
For the second activity, the children engaged in a table task involving fine motor play. We gave them each some coloured pasta/ perler beads, which they had to thread onto a pipe cleaner. Though it seems really simple, this activity requires focus, hand control and hand-eye coordination. After the fine motor play, we got messy with a sensory play session, where we made our very own playdoh.

Fine motor activity, threading beads on pipe cleaners.

Mixing up our own playdoh using flour, salt, warm water, vegetable oil and food colouring.

Thank you Sharon and Aisyah for helping us out this week!

I am most grateful for another good playgroup session and I'm excited to plan even more activities for the kids. Stay tuned for more on KAMI!

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