Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Power of Scent :)

Hi everyone! As the title of this post suggests, today I'm going to blog about The Power of Scent. Fragrances have this amazing effect on us all. They lift our spirits, have a positive and nurturing effect, soothe us when we're stressed out and even help us to recall precious memories!

I bet you can imagine just how wonderful this bouquet smells!

For example, my fondest memories are all tied to some sort of pleasant scent. When I was little, and found it hard to fall asleep, my mum would slip a pouch of lavender under my pillow and that helped me to drift off.

Now that I'm married, I love receiving surprises from my husband, like a bottle of perfume or a bouquet of fresh flowers. Roses are my favourite! But as a mum, my favourite smell of all time has got to be the scent of my children as newborn babies! You know that newborn baby smell? Gahh!! It's the best! What are your favourite scents of all time?

I opened a box of Kleenex Scented Facial Tissues and Amir
just can't believe how amazing it smells :)
Lovely aromas can certainly make positive difference in our lives, and now there's a new way to infuse our days with a beautiful scent, thanks to the new Kleenex Scented Facial Tissues in Rose and Cherry Blossom!

The Science of Scent
People have used pleasant scents to positively affect a person's mood and well-being for centuries, and the benefits aren't just psychological, but cognitive and physical as well. Today, a substantial body of research supports the link between fragrance and well-being.

Did you know that the sense of smell is one of the most direct ways that we interact with our surroundings? According to Professor Charles Spence from Oxford University, an expert in multisensory experiences, fragrances influence the way we relate to something we feel.

Another expert and author, Jane C Anderson, also stresses on the importance of smell, as it is the most impactful and lingering of all our senses. But of all the wonderful scents of nature, floral scents in particular have been found to be most effective at cultivating a happier, more optimistic outlook.

Amir wanted to share the amazing scent with his little brother Arif right away! 

Happy moments are made of these :)

Tapping into the science of scent and the power of flowers, Kleenex brings us the first-ever 3-ply facial tissues with the uplifting scents of rose and cherry blossom essential oils. Because a wonderful scent can have an immediate positive effect on us, imagine the impact of a pack of Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues at home, the office or even on the go.

Each time you use a scented Kleenex facial tissue, it elevates the normal act of cleaning up to a sensorial experience that lifts your spirits, says Mr Raman Tarun, Marketing Director at Kimberly-Clark Malaysia.

Would you like some?

Kleenex 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues

To try these aromatic tissues for yourself, join Kleenex's “power of scent” movement, which brings softness and scent into your life and those of your loved ones! Just visit to request a sample of the brand-new Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Tissues and share uplifting messages on social media with the hashtag #KleenexPowerofScent.

The new Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues are also available in box packs (RM10.30 for four packs of 74 sheets and RM14.55 for four packs of 114 sheets) and soft packs (RM5.35 for four packs of 46 sheets). So look out for them the next time you're out shopping!

For more information on Kleenex®, log on to the Kleenex® Malaysia Facebook page ( or call the Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line at 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free) on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.


Kleenex® Introduces a New Way to enjoy its Softness, Infusing Floral Fragrances into Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues
Kleenex Scented is truly uplifting!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Play Doh sets a National Record!

My sincere apologies for this late posting everyone! I've been super busy and our family has been a little under the weather since the haze struck. So let's travel back in time a bit to 26th September, when Amir and I attended Play Doh's "Shape a Colourful Community" event at Ground Floor High Street 1 Utama.

There was a big crowd and everyone's busy making sculptures!

We arrived a little to the event, so there was already a lot of families busy making sculptures. However, there was still much to do, as the aim that day was to create as many Play Doh sculptures as possible. Amir and I registered and got right to work!

We made our sculptures on this little mat because all the tables were taken up :)

With PlayDoh, it isn't  hard to get our creative juices flowing. All those bright colours and that amazing texture - so easy to work with! Before we knew it, we had a bunch of tiny sculptures! We based our creations on what we love most about Malaysia - its rich diversity of wildlife!

Here are the sculptures we made. Our theme was Malaysian flora and fauna :)

As I looked around, I could see all kinds of amazing and imaginative sculptures in the works - it was awesome!

Here's my favourite PlayDoh sculpture that Amir made. I just love this bug and all its bright colours!

Image 1 - Play-Doh Month 2015
By the end of the day, Play Doh successfully made the national record for the "Most Number of Play-Doh Sculptures Created in an Event" with 1,899 sculptures!

What an amazing feat! Next year, they should aim to break to record with 2,000 sculptures!

(Right) Ms Evelyn Hah, Country Manager of Hasbro Toy Malaysia & Singapore unveils the final number of sculptures with Ms Lee Pooi Leng, The Malaysia Book of Records Official, witnessed by Doh Doh, Play-Doh's beloved official mascot!
We had a really great time, thanks so much PlayDoh! Looking forward to lots more fun with PlayDoh in the future :) #playdohmonth2015

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Check out AOC's Act It Out & Win Contest!

Since Ridley Scott's new movie The Martian came out earlier this month, the Internet's been abuzz with excitement and awesome reviews. And in conjunction with the movie, AOC Malaysia is organising four exciting contests for AOC fans.

In their Act it out and Win contest, participants need to show off their acting skills to win limited-edition premiums from AOC and FOX, as well as a grand prize trip to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA! 

Here are the prizes:
Grand Prize - A trip for two to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA
2nd Prize - Limited-edition The Martian T-shirt with movie premiums
3rd Prize – A Limited-edition Mobile Phone Camera Lens with movie premiums

And here's how to enter:
• Re-enact your favourite scene from The Martian trailer ( in a photo or a less than 15-second video.
• Upload the photo/ share a link to your video in the comments section below and hashtag ‪#‎TheMartianAOCcontest‬
• The photo/ video with the most likes will be shortlisted for a lucky draw.
So easy it's out of this world!
The competition will run until 25 October 2015 and the winners will be announced on 30 October 2015.

To check it out and enter, visit AOC Malaysia's Facebook page today! 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 is coming!

Inline image 1

Lego + Star Wars = Amir's HeavenMy son Amir absolutely loves Star Wars Rebels, so we've been waiting anxiously for season 2 :) The good news is, it's coming this way soon! 

Better yet, Star Wars Rebels Season 2 is premiering with a special one-hour movie event "Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal." 

Be sure to wait for it on Saturday, October 3 at 8am on Disney XD (Astro Ch 617) and 11am on Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615).

What can we expect? Well, what I know is, the Rebels return to Lothal to save a defecting Imperial officer, only to draw the attention of the Empire’s most dreaded agent - Darth Vader!

How cool is that? The action are you ready for? May the force be with you! Check out the trailer right here:

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What we love about Malaysia expressed with PLAY-DOH® :)

Our creation
Hello there everyone! We've been pretty busy around here, but we're still making time for creative projects. After all, it's the school holidays! One of the methods I use to encourage my kid to play, invent and experiment, is by using PLAY-DOH®. 

Although Amir is now 11, he still enjoys sculpting his own unique creations with PLAY-DOH®, just as he has done since he was three. A healthy imagination plays an important role in helping children learn, and PLAY-DOH® has inspired young children for over 50 years!

So to celebrate the first ever PLAY-DOH® Month, we're capturing what we love most about Malaysia by making some PLAY-DOH® sculptures :) There are so many things that we love about out country, but to represent the things we love the most, we created a symbolic sculpture for each - The culture (wau bulan), the flora (hibiscus), the fauna (turtle), the beaches (shell and waves), the spicy food (chillies) and the fruits (mangosteen).  

Check out what we made!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thank you :)

I'd like to thank all my clients for putting their trust in me and providing me with work. Buying/ paying  for a product or service from a small company is awesome - here's why:

Friday, August 21, 2015

Do you need proofreading or editing?


As a freelance writer, editor and translator, I'm usually asked to edit text. But occasionally, I'm asked to "proofread" it. But whenever I get this request, I insist on seeing a copy of the text, so I can gauge if the text requires editing or proofreading. Quite frankly, most people don't know the difference between the two and I don't blame them. I mean, unless you're in the publishing business, you rarely have to go through the process of editing, proof reading, copyediting and so on. So what's the difference? I found a great online article by Upwork that explains just that :)  Hope this helps!

Monday, August 17, 2015

3 more things I love from Daiso

Hi  guys, I've had a crazy few weeks, how've you been? Good I hope! Here's a short post on 3 more Daiso buys that I absolutely love!

It's this green oven-proof ramekin, green heat-resistant silicone mat and white rice scoop.

See, the rice scoop stands up - Love this feature! The silicone mat helps protect my wood table and these ramekins are the perfect size for serving small portions. May I also add, all of these are of excellent quality. Yaay Daiso!

PS: I am not very impressed with Daiso's ice trays & flat mops... two of each have broken on me over a short period of use - not good!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Visit from Ikea Team

Several months ago, I dropped by Ikea to get some stuff and while I was strolling along with Arif, a n Ikea staff member approached me. Basically, they were looking for people who would allow a team from Ikea to visit their homes, conduct and interview and take pictures. They wanted to understand the problems faced by home owners and create solutions that they would feature in their revamped store display. I was more than happy to sign up, and on 2nd July, the team dropped by.






Thanks for visiting Ikea!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Review: Tesco Home Delivery Service

Tesco home delivery
A Tesco truck pulling up in front of my apartment block.

Hi guys, today I'm going to rave about Tesco's home delivery service. I've ordered groceries from them at least 10 times now and so far, I'm really happy with the service. There are so many benefits to grocery shopping online that I highly recommend it. 

Here are just some of the benefits of ordering your groceries online:

1. You don't have to drive to the mall and find a parking spot
2. You don't have to search the aisles for the things you want
3. You don't need to line up at the cashier
4. You don't have to lug heavy groceries in and out of your car
5. You can keep tabs on how much you're spending
6. You can add our favourite items to a virtual list, so you can find them again easily
7. It'll save you time
8. You can get online discounts (sometimes Tesco gives out discount codes)
9. You can compare prices between goods
10. You can immediately see what's on sale or if there's a promotion
11. It'll save you money, as there are no impulse buys.

Now that I've been ordering our groceries online, we don't have to spend time dragging the kids around a hypermart. Instead, we're able to be more leisurely on trips to the mall. We have lunch or dinner, do a bit of window shopping, and that's it.

Groceries delivered right to my doorstep! Gotta love it!

But are there any cons to online grocery shopping? How about freshness? What if something's not in stock? These are the questions I frequently get asked. And my answer is, the pros totally outweigh the cons. The only con I can actually think of is, sometimes things aren't in stock. For dry goods, they'll bring you a replacement, which you can choose to accept or reject. I once accepted a replacement for orange cordial and it was a brand I would never buy... and it tasted awful! Lesson learnt.

However, for fresh groceries, they don't bring replacements. A few times I ordered some fish, and they didn't have them. So if you're ordering fish for dinner that night, be sure to have a back up order or plan. As for freshness, it's never been an issue for me. You see, the people who pick the groceries for you at Tesco's are specially trained, so it's as good as (or even better than) picking things out for yourself. I would recommend this service to anyone, but I think it's especially useful for the elderly, people with disabilities, busy stay home mums taking care of the kids and those who work from home. 

To learn more about how Tesco home delivery works, check out this video:

Friday, June 19, 2015

Art Attack! Making a zig zag photo frame

You know that show Art Attack? I've loved it since I was a kid. I used to watch Neil Buchanan whip up all sorts of cool stuff, and I used to think to myself, "Gosh! That's so cool!" These days, I enjoy watching Art Attack with my kids on the Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615).


During the recent school holidays, Amir and I tried our hand at making an Art Attack Zig Zag Photo Frame using materials we had at home. Here's how we made it:

1. First, we assembled our materials. We dug up some family photos and got some corrugated board. I cut the corrugated board into three pieces, in a size slightly larger than our photos.

2. Then Amir cut holes in the middle of the corrugated boards to make frames.

3. Amir decided that he wanted a cat on our photo frame, so he drew a cat's head and tail and cut them out.

4. Amir then added some details to the cat using marker pens.

5. We then attached the frames together with masking tape, so they formed a zig zag shape.

6. Then we attached our photos to the photo frame using more masking tape.

7. And that's it! We're done! It was a fun and quick activity ans we love how it turned out (Even baby approves).

If you'd like to learn how to create cool crafts with your kids like this, be sure to catch the new season of Art Attack! Just join  new host of Disney’s Art Attack, Marco M. Borromeo on Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615) every Saturday and Sunday at 12noon. Watch the Art Attack Season's Four Trailer here:

Now in its fourth season, Disney’s Art Attack is the award-winning program that has introduced millions of children to the joy of art. Fret not if you can’t paint within the lines and don’t worry if your dog clay model looks like a mouse – Marco will show you that all you need is lots of creative ideas and loads of enthusiasm. So what are you waiting for? Tune in and be ready to get Art Attacked!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Homemade okonomiyaki - so easy!


So, I recently discovered an awesome YouTube channel called Waoryu Only In Japan, and have been binge-watching episodes over the past few days. And somehow, as a result, I developed an intense craving for Japanese street food... especially after the Dotonburi and Hirohima Okonomiyaki lunch experiment episodes! I decided that I HAD to make some Okonomiyaki, and so I YouTubed a few recipes to see if I could make it at home. To my delight, okonomiyaki IS very easy to make and I had all the ingredients on hand, except for dashi and bonito flakes. But, as always, I improvised and the results was just as delicious.

Check out my recipe after the jump...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our stay @ Colmar Tropicale

We recently enjoyed a short stay at Colmar Tropicale, and as it was our first time there, I thought I'd blog about my first impressions of this popular holiday destination. First of all, the climate isn't very cool, unlike my memories of Genting Highlands and Fraser's Hill from years back. Sometimes, it can get pretty warm when the sun is out, so there's really no need to pack a sweater or anything. There isn't even a chill at night, I found. 

Colmar tropicale

Secondly. the place looks great in pictures. Be it on other websites or blogs, and even in my own photos, everything looks pretty awesome. In real life, however, it's not quite as charming as I had hoped. Even if you've never been to France, or any European country for that matter, you'll be able to tell right away that the architecture and decor here is lacking authenticity. Plus, it's hard to have an immersive experience when game arcades and 6D adventure rides are among the shops lining the street. I mean, I don't really mind that they're there and Amir did have fun trying them out, but perhaps they could have been incorporated a little more discreetly. 

Also, if you tend to pay attention to details, like I often do, you'll notice that lots of things in the town need a repair or replacement, or an upgrade. And speaking of the town, which is pretty small, you can pretty much see everything you need to see in it in just a few hours. So if you're staying for more than a day, it could pretty boring after a while, even with the other attractions at Berjaya Hill.

Monday, June 1, 2015

My (Malaysianised) Homemade Kimchi Recipe

Ok peeps, I love Korean food, especially kimchi, but the store-bought stuff can be pricey. I've made sauerkraut before, using my leftover cabbage, but I'm not a big kraut fan. So I decided I'd twist my kraut recipe a bit and make kimchi. My recipe uses ingredients we can easily find here in Malaysia, and to me it tastes just as good. Here goes.... 


Adline's (Malaysianised) Homemade Kimchi Recipe

Serving: One jar

Cabbage - washed and chopped (For this jar, I used about a quarter of a head)
Half a carrot - Chopped into matchsticks (It should really be daikon, but I don't have any on hand)
1 stalk green onion - Chopped to 1 inch lengths
3 cloves garlic - Sliced
2 red chillies (You can use more for extra heart. It's supposed to be Korean chilli powder, but I substituted)
1 tablespoon of dried shrimp, washed and soaked
Salt - about 3 tablespoons (It's a lot, but don't worry as it will turn into lactic acid)

1. Blend together red chillies and dried shrimp (do not add water)
2. Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well
3. Sterilise your jar and stuff everything inside (Really pack everything in. You might have to start with a larger jar, and then after the cabbage has softened, you can transfer to a smaller jar)
4. Leave the jar on your kitchen counter for 2-3 days (Malaysia is hot and humid, especially in the kitchen, so the fermentation occurs quite fast). After that, taste it to determine how fermented you want it to be.
5. Once happy with the state of fermentation, you can keep the jar in the fridge.

Note: You can Google how others do it too, some people use special jars that will let the CO2 out, and prevent bacteria from getting in. I find that fermenting for 2-3 days in small batches doesn't usually cause much gas build up, so I don't leave my jar lid slightly ajar etc. But if you like, you can place a clean cloth over the mouth of the jar and tie a rubber band around it to allow the fermented cabbage to breathe.

Happy fermenting!