Saturday, March 22, 2008

Decorative Art of Mughal India @ Heritage Asia

I'm happy to announce, my second appearance in Heritage Asia magazine. I like the cover :)

You know who's got the most 'bling' of the Islamic world? It's the Mughals, that's who. In 1616, Sir Thomas Roe, England’s ambassador to the Mughal court wrote of Emperor Jahangir “In jewels, he is the treasury of the world”. Having witnessed the glory of the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort, I'm inclined to believe him. I have a serious soft spot for the Mughals. I adore their culture. That's why I chose to write about them for this issue. It's important to write about the things you love, it makes the experience entirely more rewarding.

Heritage Asia Magazine Jan-Mar 2008 issue

I Spy with My Little Eye @ SuperKidz

I'm so delighted! My article's been featured in the brand new children's magazine - SuperKidz! You get SuperKidz when you buy Kidz magazine. Two mags for RM5, what a bargain! I've always wanted to write for children, and I think writing for a children's magazine is a good start.

This is the first article I've written that's aimed at 5 to 15-year olds; 'Eye Spy with My Little Eye' answers the questions "What are artefacts?" and "What can they tell us?". I really like how the article's been laid out, it's very colourful and attractive!
SuperKidz Mar Apr 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Notes from Venus

 I was invited to join Notes from Venus, an Asian women blog community. Today, I submitted my first post, called "Do it for girls!". Here's a screen capture:

The photograph of lovely Afghan girls is courtesy of my friend, the inestimably talented photographer, Ms Erna Dyanty.

* Update: Notes from Venus has warped into Venus buzz!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cover story in Mother & Baby!

I heard from Mother & Baby today, they're using my feature on Mother’s Day as the cover story of their May issue! They'll also be running my history feature in their First Classroom column, so as you can imagine, I'm all smiles :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Still waiting...

... for the latest Heritage Asia to appear in magazine stands. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that my first article for Mother and Baby magazine will be out next month. I wrote two more articles for their May 2008 issue. The first is on the history of Mother's Day and the second addresses issues concerning children's learning of history. I simply love writing for this magazine, it's nice to be able to write from a mother's point of view for a change.

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