Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review: Danny the Dragon meets Jimmy

I was recently asked by Imagination Publishing to review a children's book called Danny the Dragon "Meets Jimmy" by Tina Turbin. I love children's books! So here it goes!

When I first read this charming tale about a boy named Jimmy who meets a friendly dragon named Danny, I knew that my 5-year old son, Amir, would love it. True enough, as soon as I finished reading it to him, he demanded, “Let’s read it again!”

As a parent, I like that this book encourages imagination, a sense of discovery and curiosity. On top of that, the characters, and Danny the Dragon in particular, are so polite. It’s nice for my son to see that even dragons should have good manners!

It’s no wonder why Amir liked the story so much, I’m sure he could easily see himself as Jimmy, and of course, every child dreams of finding something magical in seemingly ordinary objects and situations.

My son and I are itching to find out where Danny and his trusty sidekick Skipper came from and what they’re doing here, so I must get my hands on the next story in the series! I’m really looking forward to cuddling up with my son and reading the stories to him.It’s clear that author, Tina Turbin, works wonders as she weaves a captivating storyline that’s perfect for younger children, and coupled with Aija Jasuna’s lovely illustrations, it’s a winning combination indeed!

The book is available at Amazon, or you may order it directly at the official Danny the Dragon website.

Have fun reading!

PS: Ms Turbin was kind enough to drop me an email saying, "Thank you SO much for your lovely Review!" You're most welcome Ms Turbin, and it was my pleasure!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 on Gen-Y

It seems that web solution provider,, are growing from strength to strength, and as advocates of the "less (complicated) is more approach," they're even simplifying their name to I had the pleasure of interviewing Pin, their founder recently, to find out what makes this group of Gen-Yers tick:

What Did You Say? @

In the words of the ultimate TV dad, Bill Cosby, "Kids say the darndest things," and my 5-year old son is no different. I wrote a little something about him stumbling upon bad words in Venus. I don't know how long I can keep his vocabulary pure, but if he ever lets a swear word slip in front of me, he'd better be prepared for a sudsy mouthful.

She moves! @

Lady Gaga's song, "Just Dance," is one of my favourite tunes of the moment, and I think it's fitting that Malaysia's first ever dance magazine is named just that - "Just Dance!" Note the exclamation point. I met Just Dance!'s founder and publisher, Amy Tan, in the cyber realm back in June last year, and recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing her on the magazine for Venus. Check it out: 

Amy has also very kindly contributed to my positive feedback collection by saying, "Thanks so much for the interview! What a good way to start today!" It was my pleasure Amy!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2019: Time to Grow

Happy New Year everyone! I'm so so excited for 2019 and everything that it'll bring. I'm starting the year with gratefulness for...