Friday, January 15, 2016

Goodbye Professor Snape

I rarely cry when I hear about a celebrity passing away, but I cried for Alan Rickman. The loss is so profound. #pottermaniac

RIP Alan Rickman

Friday, January 1, 2016

Compact Living Part 1: Life in a Small Home (790 square feet)

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I'm going to kick off 2016 with a rather long post and by giving you a glimpse into my happy home. 

small home

I don't know about you, but I just love small homes. Despite growing up in a large two-storey terrace house with 4 bedrooms, two baths, two living rooms and two dining rooms, my childhood dream was to live in a caravan! And though I had my own room as a child. I preferred to hang out in a small room under the staircase, which was actually the store room. Very Potter-esque! LOL.

Fast forward a couple of decades, now I'm married with two kids. About 10 years ago, we bought over the two-bedroom, 790 square foot apartment that we had been renting. When we first bought the property, some family and friends were kind of shocked that we would choose such a small home. And now, years later, I can still sense that people don't understand why we would live here. Some people might think that it's a temporary home. That we're planning to buy a bigger one later. Nope, this is it. We love it here. 

Over the years, we've been slowly making home improvements here and there, as and when our budget allows. Our home has evolved along with us and we've had to change things up several times to accommodate our growing boys who are ten years apart. 

For inspiration, I subscribe to several YouTube channels that cover the small house movement and simple living trend in the West. I especially like channels like Kirsten Dirksen, Living Big in a Tiny House and Tiny House Giant Journey, where I learn how people in other parts of the world have opted to downsize and live simply, with less.

Here in Malaysia though, I think it's still very much about owning a big house, filled with fancy things and a fancy car :( But I've never been into any of that. I'm just very thankful for what I have. I once joined a local home decor group on Facebook and I left because when I shared photos of my home, people kept telling me (in a disparaging manner) how small my house was. I just don't get that mentality. It's my house people, I'm paying for it and I raise my family in it!

In Japan and Europe, 790 square feet would be considered about the average size for a home, or even slightly larger. Anyway, these days, home prices are skyrocketing, so I'm just glad to have bought one that I could afford to pay for.

In a future post, I'd like to share with you a glimpse into my living room, where we spend most of our time. But to me, it's so much more than a living room - it's a multi-functional space for my family, where we eat, spend time together and even sleep! So stay tuned for that and see you next time!

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