Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mother's Day in Reflection & History in the Making @ Mother & Baby magazine

It's the month of May darlings... guess what's just around the corner?

In honour of the love, dedication and selflessness of mums, I retrace the origins and explore the heart of Mother's Day.

In keeping with the historical theme, my second article "History in the making" talks about the importance of teaching our children about this rather maligned subject.

I really feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to contribute to this magazine. The editor's been great and so supportive. My friends, who've never read M&B before, all agree that its got great content. They also like its fresh and modern look, that they rarely associate with local parenting magazines.

On a personal note, this issue taught me a valuable lesson - to be able to forgive yourself for making mistakes and to look at them in a positive light. This is often easier said than done of course, especially for a fastidious Virgo like me, but God (and my poor husband) knows I'm trying! Full marks to you if you spot the boo-boo I made in one of my articles.

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