Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The quiz I wrote for Facebook :)

Some fun news to share! The quiz I wrote, entitled "What Do Guys Like About You", which was picked up by a publisher on Helium, is now up on Facebook! Check it out! Click on the image below for a larger version and look under 'author' on the right hand side.

I never realised it before, but writing quizzes like this can be challenging, but fun. It's a form of creative writing that I've never truly considered. If you want to take the quiz, here's a link to the application: What Do Guys Like About You. You have to be logged on to Facebook to access it. Also, there's a slight drawback, you'll have to send the application to 8 friends before you can see the results. In any case, I enjoyed reading people's comments on the quiz, which ranged from "This is rubbish" to "It's true! That's so me!". This experience has given me a new appreciation for writers of multi-choice quizzes!

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