Monday, January 3, 2011

Amir's first day of school

Today was a very busy day for the family as it was Amir's first day at sekolah agama (religious school) and standard one. His sekolah agama is in the morning, while his primary school starts in the afternoon.

This is his sekolah agama uniform. We later discovered that the Baju Melayu had to be tucked into the samping. What can I say, my mum and I are from Johor and we are so used to leaving the baju untucked!

This is Amir's classroom in sekolah agama. There were a few familiar faces from kindergarden, which is nice.
Here's Amir looking rather bored...

About 2 hours after getting home from sekolah agama, we got geared up for primary school. Here's Amir in his regular school uniform. That school bag is darn heavy!

Just before we arrived at school, it started raining heavily, which made things even more chaotic.

Here's Amir in the throng of kids being sorted out.

This is Amir's classroom. Parents lined up to pay the school fees, while the kids tried to behave.

Amir looking resolutely miserable.

After recess at 3.10pm, they had a school assembly. All the cikgu are kind of garang, but they have to be I think. It's a tough job. If I had to teach primary school for one day, they'd probably be dragging me away in a straight jacket by mid day.

I spied these kids clearing up chairs after the school  assembly. Teamwork at its best! Some parents were unhappy that these kids had to carry the chairs away, but I think it's a good thing. Hard labour builds character!

Around 6.25 pm. Getting ready to go home.

6.30! Brrrriiinnngggg!!! Finally! we can go home! Survived day one!

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