Friday, November 25, 2011

The making of... Gadget girl

I've never been much of a gadget girl, save for borrowing my husband's iPod to listen to audiobooks, but recently I went and 'splashed' out on a Samsung Galaxy Tab (got it on an installment plan of course!). I figured as I'm pretty much hooked to the Internet, and I run my freelance writing 'business' off of the Worldwide Web, I must have one. It's also pretty handy for keeping my 7-year old occupied. Granted it's a pretty expensive 'toy' for him to play with, but he's a tech savvy little man. Plus, I can use access to the tab as a reward for good behaviour (evil grin).

Of course, a gadget like this is pretty much pointless without an Internet connection, so I also signed up for the cheapest data plan available. Now that I'm a proud owner of a tablet, I feel like I have front row seats to a journey of digital discovery. My favourite finds so far are interactive children's books and collectible, limited edition digital art... Shall we take a closer look at them? Let's!

First, the digital storybooks - I do declare that I love the ones by Touchybooks! While eagerly exploring the Android market, I downloaded The Candy Factory and Moon Secrets, which they offer for free... and... they pretty much blew my socks off! The stories are simple but charming and the interactive elements via touch screen truly bring the magic of each tale to life! My son, who's at his grandma's at the moment, hasn't seen them yet, but I have no doubt that he will loooove them! Yesterday I purchased my first touchy book - I Want to be a PirateIt's the first of many more to come, I'm sure!

Next, the limited edition digital art. I first learnt about s[edition] via the Goop newsletter. As an art enthusiast and tablet owner, I have to say that this is a brilliant idea! It's cool to have a limited edition artwork of your favourite artist come to life on your gadget! I've been looking through the s[edition] website and so far the one that's caught my eye is Matt Collishaw's Whispering Weeds. It's amazing in still life, but even more engaging in it's animated form. Would I splurge USD48 (RM144) on it? Sigh, don't think I can. But if I could afford it, I wouldn't think twice! Could this be the future of art collecting? Your very own art gallery at your fingertips? Why the heck not! 

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