Thursday, July 10, 2014

Herbed Fried Chicken made healthier with Scott Calorie Light

During the holy month of Ramadan, I like to cook for iftar because frankly, it's better to eat home-cooked food, plus it saves money. Don't get me wrong, Ramadan bazaars can be fun (although sometimes the food can be disappointing), but they can also burn a big hole in your pocket! One of the dishes that I like to prepare for iftar, is ayam goreng berempah or herbed fried chicken. It was one of my favourites when I was growing up and my mum has taught me the recipe. Take a look... yummm!

Making it is simple, it's all in the marinade. The ingredients for a basic herbed chicken marinade are...

Red onion, lemongrass, ginger, garlic and fresh turmeric. 

Coriander seeds
What I love about this marinade is, you can tweak it by adding extra ingredients, like coriander seeds (above), chillies, galangal, torn kaffir limes leaves or a dollop of dark soy sauce. You are free to experiment and give it a flavourful twist each time you make it.

The next step is to put all the ingredients into a blender with a bit of water, then blend it to a paste. 

Then, pour the blended ingredients over your prepped and cleaned chicken and add salt to taste. Marinade the chicken for at least 30 minutes, although a few hours or overnight would be best.

Once marinated, deep fry the chicken until it turns golden brown. Get ready for some seriously yummy smells!


Last, but not least, drain away all the excess oil from the chicken with Scott Calorie Light Premium Towels. This will help prevent the chicken from becoming soggy and, best of all, it will help you cut down on calories!

Yup, you read right. The brand-new Scott Calorie Light Premium Towel is specially designed for superior oil absorbency, reducing your calorie intake by up to 25%!

Now you can enjoy your favourite fried foods with fewer calories! Just use 3 sheets of Scott Calorie Light kitchen towels to soak up the excess oil.

(Bottom right, from L-R) From Kimberly-Clark Malaysia, Danny Tan, Managing Director, Emily Chong, Marketing Manager, Soo Woon Yee, Marketing Director, and Chef Florence Tan at the launch of Scott® Calorie Light.

If you're interested to try out the Scott Calorie Light Premium Towel, it's available at major supermarkets, hypermarkets, mini markets and provision stores nationwide for RM6.20 for 2-roll and RM14.90 for 6-roll packs (West Malaysia).

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