Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cardboard treehouse

Amir's on a school break right now, due to the UPSR exams, so we've been indulging in some creative projects. Today, we made a cardboard treehouse, based on this one by Spoonful.

Tree house

Cardboard treehouse
Here's our finished treehouse :) Check out its details after the jump...

We made three paper characters to inhabit the treehouse. Amir named them: Tree man, Michael and Bob. The top floor is also the helipad :)

The different tiers of the treehouse. Tree man, a mysterious character covered in leaves, surveys the surroundings from the top floor.

Cardboard treehouse
Here's the shoe cabinet and potted plant in their entry hall.

Cardboard treehouse
The flat-screen television and rug in the living room.

Bob is a computer expert and he's often in his computer room.

Michael is a soldier and he likes to relax on his bed.

Cardboard treehouse
We added some details onto his bed.

Cardboard treehouse
Here's their car. Bob uses it to buy groceries.

Michael and Tree Man are headed to a secret location.

Cardboard treehouse
Last, but not least,  these tree-dwellers can't do without their own... helicopter!

Cardboard treehouse
Bob is ready for lift off!

We made the treehouse using cardboard packaging we got from buying Ikea frosta stools.

Here's Amir, using templates to draw on the cardboard.

The pieces we cut out.

This was a really fun project :) For more ideas on upcycled toys from waste materials, check out my Pinterest page.

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