Thursday, January 4, 2018

KAMI Playgroup's Bittersweet Goodbye

After a 3-week break due to the school holidays, KAMI Playgroup was able to come together one last time in 2017 for our 5th session on 30 December. In this session, we welcomed 6 children and 8 parents. Here's a summary of the activities we did :)

1. Doa
Purpose: To seek blessings from Allah SWT and to calm and activate the children's minds.
Summary: The activity was led by Teacher Ami of Excell Qhalif, who asked us to sit in a circle on the floor. She began with Salam and doa Alfatihah, as well as simple zikir for children.


2. Music & Movement
Purpose: To warm up and activate the chidlren's bodies before they do table tasks.
Summary: Led by Teacher Ami, and with help from parents, the children did action songs. My son Arif (in the black t shirt), who usually prefers to be an observer during this activity, felt at ease enough in this session to participate and mimic the movements for the first time.


3. Indoor Play
Purpose: This activity is to help develop gross motor, fine motor, turn-taking, socialising and joint attention.
Summary: For this indoor play session, we did two activities. The first was bouncing, rocking and stretching exercises on exercise balls.




For the second activity, the children engaged in messy/ fine motor play activity. First, they mixed spaghetti with paint and then they had to put the spaghetti into a mineral water bottle.


4. Arts & Crafts
Purpose: This activity is to help develop fine motor, focus, seated behaviour, sensory integration, thinking and creativity.
Summary: For this week's arts and crafts session, which was led by Puan Adline, the children worked with coloured paper, glue and cotton buds to create a stegosaurus. Parents helped to cut the dinosaur template.


5. Clean Up & Goodbye
At around 12.30 pm, we started cleaning up the area with help from the children. Then we sang the Goodbye Song and enjoyed refreshments that had been prepared as a farewell gesture to Teacher Ami and to close 2017.

Food prepared by Puan Norfadzillah and Puan Siti Hafiza.

Alhamdulillah the session went very smoothly. The children really enjoyed the exercise ball activity and it is beneficial for parents to learn how to use them at home as well. Teacher Ami gave Teacher Adline some suggested activities that can be done for gross motor and fine motor in the future.

Saying goodbye to Teacher Ami and 2017. We look forward to new and rewarding experiences in 2018 :)

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