Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feeling better

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling a bit better today. For a start, I got paid for a few jobs, that's bound to cheer any freelance writer up, no matter how depressed he or she has resolved to be.

I also heard from Berg publishers this week, and have managed to respond to their queries on the essay I wrote for their upcoming encyclopedia. I can't believe that I'm getting published by Berg... somebody pinch me. I hope all goes well.

My writing has suffered a bit and my progress impeded by the stress I was 'absorbing'. But, things seem to be looking up a bit for this week, and I'm thankful for that. My husband has been so supportive and my son as adorable as ever. I have a lot to be thankful for.

I was quite recently asked to rewrite the main pages on I submitted my write up to a4trip's founder, Pin, yesterday. In true Pin fashion, he replied within 24 hours, saying, "We like it very much, and it is updated on the website."

This Pin fellow is too much! He's supposed to be cycling across Europe! How the heck does he manage to... well... 'manage' things like that! Hats off to you my man! LOL.

If you go to the 'About' page on the a4trip website, you can read what I wrote about Pin's childhood. I hope I haven't butchered his memories. Well, at least he hasn't complained, eh Pin? Have fun and stay safe you!

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