Sunday, April 5, 2009

Interview with Personal Money Magazine

Yesterday morning, I headed over to Amcorp Mall with husband and son in tow, to meet Siew May, a writer for Personal Money magazine. She said she wanted to interview me about freelance writing and how it helps in the current economic slump.

The family and I arrived early, so we sat down at a kopitiam. I asked my husband to get me a 'Nescafe ais'. They didn't have it, so the hubby figured that a 'kopi ais' would suffice. I took a few sips, and decided, no thanks.

About a half an hour later, Siew May and her photographer friend arrived. There was a brief introduction, and the husband and son went about their way. My interview with the charming Siew May lasted an hour or so. I think it went well, although I found myself yammering away at times. Once we were done, I reunited with the family for lunch.

I also had to take my passport photo that day. It turned out horrible. It wasn't the photographer's fault, of course. I looked exhausted, and well, frankly, I need to lose about 40 pounds.

My husband pointed out, not unsympathetically, that J.Lo's luggage was now parked underneath my eyes. I pacified myself by thinking, "Everybody looks bad in their passport photo," although I'm sure this isn't true.

I can only hope that the photos the Personal Money magazine photographer took of me weren't half as bad. Oh well. The magazine will be out in June, we'll find out then.

My unsatisfactory passport photo made me realise that I've been working too hard and neglecting myself. I must resolve to get more rest, even if it means writing less.

My boys doing what they do best, reading comics and playing with plastic dinosaurs, while I waited for the writer to arrive and continued to stir my undrinkable kopi ais with a straw.

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