Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet Mangosteenskin @

Here's a recent article I wrote, which features my interview with a very creative lady who goes by the online name Mangosteenskin, or simply, Mango. She crafts the cutest rubber stamps I have ever seen! Do check out the article and her website!

I wrote an email to Mango this morning, to let her know that the interview's up. As soon as she read it, she wrote back to share her elation at being featured on Venusbuzz, she said, "Heheheheheheh...tengah senyum ni sampai telinga (I am smiling from ear to ear) ...hehehe. Thanks so much Adline!!! I feel like dancing now! now! now!"

I do love making people happy :)


mangosteenskin said...

haha. i landed on this page gara2 testing google my own name.

thanks again for the interview darling. and also for introducing me to venus. love reading there. most articles are short and packed with valuable infos.

Adline Writes said...

hi mango! tee hee hee.. i've been known to google myself too. i'm so glad u like venus! do drop by often and tell your friends about it :)

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