Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home is where the heart is

Got home from Sydney early yesterday morning. Arrived at KLIA at some ungodly hour. Stumbled onto a train... then a taxi... homeward bound. Sydney was cold (temperature wise) and cool at the same time. I'm happy to be home though. Missed my family very much.

I am unhappy with the state of my home... my hubby did try his best to keep the house in order, but I have been itching to clean up the place since I first got home. Problem is, I'm exhausted , still rather jetlagged and for some reason, my body's covered in bruises...

I tell myself I will try and get something done this weekend.. but I have my Viva Voce next week, it's the big verbal exam for my Masters degree that I've been waiting for - for, like, ever. I hope it goes well. I'm sure it will. If it does, it'll be P.A.R.T.Y time!

Today I started picking up where I left off on my ongoing writing projects. My brain is still befuddled, but it hasn't let me down.

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