Monday, November 23, 2009

Can-o-worms @

My friends think I'm strange for having an inordinate fondness for frogs, but I admit that not all slimy creatures are dear to my heart. For example, I've always been very squeamish about worms. I mean, who isn't?

Recently however, I've been reading up a bit on vermiculture or worm composting, the answer to organic waste management. Now, a Malaysian company called Hijau Kembali is making vermiculture accessible to homes, with Can-o-worms. I first read about the company in The Star, and quickly emailed them to find out if I could feature them on Venusbuzz.

I emailed Norhana, their GM again yesterday, to tell her that the article had come out; subsequent emails revealed that she once worked for the museum I work for. Small world!

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