Friday, April 2, 2010

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In March, I wrote about the great time I had during the Playhouse Disney blogger party at Bijou, and it seems that my recap, which also appeared on Venusbuzz, has garnered a quite few responses from fellow bloggers who were there at the party. Check it out:

Sumijelly said, "hai... Adline.. cepat nya dh post out.. I masih belum berkesempatan nak tulis entry pasal nie..hehehe.. mcm banyak betul nak cerita..hahaha.. Nice to meet u.. hope we can meet again.."

Merryn said, "Talking about greater appreciation for Playhouse Disney.. definitely! Ethan is loving the games, stories and musics from their website! Mai has opened up my eyes that I should sit down and watch together with Ethan. Together, we learn more and am enjoying every moment of it :)"

Yus said, "Great comment Adline. I'm still put the post as draft. Gosh.. Quite busy lately. TV's not bad, but if you have a kids that so much in love with the TV..thats become bad.. hahahaa... Eventho, my darling daughters watched PHDC everyday, every minute, I still have to monitor them. Seems like they want to
take all the characters with them in their dreams!!hahaa"

MieViee said: "I have loved watching TV since schooling days. It is just that very young children (less than 2 years old) may find difficulty differentiating between reality and the virtual world; and their creative playing time lessens with watching TV. Also, myopic is a major concern, especially in Singapore (my homeland). Although my boy has yet started watching TV, Playhouse Disney would be a suitable choice when he starts. :)"

Lana said,"Adline, you are an absolutely great writer. Love this post! Perfectly explained and absolutely detailed."

Thanks for the comments ladies! You've made my day! 

Here are screencaps of the recap as it appears on

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