Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Interview with Hanz and MieVee @

There are lots of great mummy bloggers out there, with great stuff to share, so I've been compiling a series of interviews with bloggers that I'd like to feature on Venusbuzz. Here's one on a lovely lady named Hanz.

She's into natural parenting, green living and homeschooling. You can check out her blog here. When I emailed her about our interview being published on Venusbuzz, she wrote back and said, "YES, I've seen & read it..WOW! Thanks for the opportunity." You're welcome Hanz!

And, here's my interview with MieViee of Mummy's Reviews.

Her blog's where you can get the latest parenting product reviews and take part in exciting giveaways. When she saw the interview on Venusbuzz, she dropped me a sweet message saying, "Thank you very much for the interview article! :) Have a great day ahead." Thanks MieViee, it was my pleasure!

PS: If you're a blogger who'd like to be interviewed and featured on Venusbuzz, drop me a message!

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