Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Copy editing for Business Blogs

Hey there business guys and gals! I have a question for you. Do you have a business blog, or maybe a personal blog that's attached to your business? If you do, and you think that there's room for improvement in your blog posts, you should definitely get someone to proofread and copyedit your posts for you!

Copyediting is crucial for business blogs simply because you'd want to maintain a professional image, and things like spelling and grammatical errors, and incorrect phrases and expressions can turn off potential clients and readers. After all, if you want to convey a thought or idea on your blog, why not make sure the message gets through, right? You never know who'll be reading your blog posts!

Thankfully, some business owners have acknowledged the need for blog copyediting, and have hired yours truly to help them with it! Here are a few posts on business blogs that I've helped to copyedit for a client recently:

1. The Malaysia Email Hosting Blog

2. Malaysia WordPress Blog Hosting
PS: I've noticed that the slogan for the blog above needs a bit of tweaking, so I'm going to make a suggestion to my client :)

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