Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bouncing back :)

Hi everyone! I've missed all of you! I'm happy to report that my son, Amir, is doing much, much better now. He seems to have beat that mystery viral infection and his fever's been gone for about 2 days now. His appetite is improving and he's more himself too.

I'd like to thank all my readers, editors and clients for your support and understanding throughout my ordeal with Amir being in the hospital. I am so glad it's over :)

These aren't easy for me to look at, but I wanted to share two pictures that I took of Amir in hospital. They remind me of how scary it was, and how important it is to appreciate every little thing in each moment, and not to take things for granted.  

  Trying to make Amir as comfortable as possible.

My baby was so brave, although he endured a lot of many painful needle pokes :(

Through it all, I've learned that it's vital to keep a close watch over your kids, like what they're eating and doing, so that they're not exposed to dangerous diseases. I've also discovered that it is crucial for parents, and especially mothers, to trust their instinct. Doctors and nurses are good people, and they can give you their advice, but a mother knows what her baby needs more than anyone.

I am happy to be home, and back to work on my writing :)

PS: Thank you GOD for answering my prayers!

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