Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Style sister @ Venusbuzz.com

I'm loving the "hijabista" movement that's happening online, and I'm celebrating it through this article I wrote  for Venusbuzz.com. As a Muslim woman who has just started to embrace the hijab, I have come across all manners of opinions on the hijab from Muslim and non-Muslim acquaintances. Negative comments on the hijab and how a woman chooses to wear it can come from both quarters. I wish people with rigid  perceptions, as well as misconceptions on the hijab will just let us be.

People can make such a big fuss over a piece of cloth over a woman's head, but no one seems to be raising alarms over pop stars showing little girls that to get noticed, you need to prance around in your undies and let your boobs hang out. It's clear we have differing ideas on what "liberates" women, so let's just agree to disagree.

If you've ever wondered about Muslim women's fashions of today and the importance of the hijab/tudung to our daily lives, do check out my article and the links within.

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