A day at the V&A

I had quite the adventure all by my lonesome today. I hopped on the bus at Brick Lane to Liverpool Street Station, then took the undergound to Holborn, then switched to South Kensington and then walked on over to the V&A - yaay! Here's some of what I saw there...

The grand main entrance.

Chuhuly chandelier.

16th century Italian travelling altar with embroidered panels.

Food :)

Frog netsuke.

V&A garden.

Huge pillars in the Cast Courts.

Creepy bust - here's lookin' at you kid!

The lovely V&A cafe.

The jewellery gallery. As soon as I shot this, I got told off by the staff. I didn't know you couldn't take pictures here.
I look serious, but I'm really happy :)


Batches said…
yay, you got to see the garden. lovely kan. :)

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